kick ass bitches welcome to lisa the new member!
talena was hot!!!
by kittie666 May 24, 2004
The metal band rocks most! This band is so good...! Hurray! KITTTTTTTIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! And + thay made a song with KoRn... kickass
This town... is our town so motherfucking glamerous!
by Dajk January 28, 2004
the secksiest drummer in the secksiest band ever (MSI)
Kittie looked really hot the other night with black and white face paint on...
by o0o November 26, 2003
Pussy or just a great piece of ass. Use it when shoping with grandma and friends.
While friend Jesse and Gary where out shoping with Jesus and a hot big breasted tight assed woman walks by Jesse says "Look at that tight little kittie" While Jesus ask "What? I dont see a pet store"
by Jesse February 26, 2005
The seckziest beast of all time, named for extreme love of the band Kittie.
Kittie is just so damn cool.
by Jared February 14, 2005
Hot chicks. Stupid music.
You call this metal?! *Vomit*
by nikkan_hanil July 02, 2004
hot female metal band atleast tha lead singer mmm.mmm.
turnin tha house n 2 a f***ing world of pain
by jerry eichler April 24, 2003
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