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Literally "golden eggs"
Japanese slang for testicles. Not to be confused for golden pillows which is what Son Goku called his grandfather's testicles (used as pillows) in Dragon Ball. Don't look at me that way...
Cracked him right in the kintama, she did!
by ColdFusion November 04, 2004
Japanese for gold balls(s). Gold is kin and ball is tama. The word is street slang for testicles.
To get his attention, Sue grabbed his kintama and squeezed them.
by Pastor Gordon February 27, 2008
male reproductive organ
"That little brat might want to develop his little kintamas before talking crap."
by Ender_Wiggin August 05, 2006
Japanese slang for balls.

Also the name of a Gintama spin-off where Gintoki (Kintoki) has golden hair, Shinpachi has a buttchin, and Kagura is, well... more mature.
Youtube: Vn5ZtqxUrFg
Kintama = Almost as badass as Gintama
by Arexlolzhi February 16, 2010
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