(n): 1. Song by Eminem (Marshall Mathers)
2. A word to use in place of bitch, derived from the song "Kim" by Eminem. This is a good word to use because most people will not realize they're being insulted.

*This is not meant to degrade those named Kim, it is simply a slang word from a song.
1. Friend: Hey listen to this song, it's called "Kim".

Me: Well that's violent.
2. Random Chick: Oh my god, you are so stupid.

Friend: And you're a kim. Have a nice life.

Random Chick: Wait, what?
by Miss Teree November 08, 2012
acronym that stands for Krazy Insane MotherFucker. These 3 letters is always given to an OCD afflicted female who wants someone of the opposite sex but doesn't have the courage to talk to or cheat on with. A crazy bitch who needs to get some real dick but is unable too due to being on the hook by her current pimp.
Hi, Stop being a K.I.M. we were just messing with you. We didn't really mean it.
by HWAHWAHWAHWAHa STFU biatch April 25, 2010
Beautiful, meant to be with Kevin
Dang that girl is such a kim
by cookiesmen December 09, 2010
The biggest Nick Lea worshipper on the face of the planet. And owner of Krycek. K.I.M. = KrycekIsMine. Bow down to K.I.M.

And worship the hamster.
K.I.M. is so cool! I want to be just like K.I.M.!
by K.I.M. January 21, 2004
The verb used to describe a girl wrestling over cute Victoria Secret clothing. Wrestling usually occurs on Victoria Secret's semi-annual sale/annual sale.
Dude, I'm going to kim her for that Victoria Secret bra!
by PinkLove. June 14, 2011
To "Kim": To exaggerate the durability of walnut shells (optional: during intimate mother-daughter moments).

Mother-daughter bonding/hugging.

Kim: *attempting to crack open a walnut* "You know... bank vaults should be made out of walnuts."

Mother-daughter: ...


"Dude, you just pulled a Kim."
by Kittytron July 20, 2011
Kims are pretty awesome. She can be annoying and she is a bit of a loser.. but we love her anyway!
Kate: Kim, why are you so cool?
Kim: I don\\\'t know! I can\\\'t help being born like that.
Kate: Teach me how to be cool.. please!
Kim: First step, change your name to Kim.
by pretty.ninjaa August 19, 2010

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