The 4th Quentin Tarantino film. Is divided into two parts Vol 1 and Vol 2. Vol 1 barely has a plot and script but it has the most amazing action sequences. Vol 2 has more of a story and script but I personally think it fails in comparison to the amazing Vol 1.
I didn't hate Kill Bill Vol 2 I just thought it wasn't as good as Vol 1 and David Carradine as Bill put me to sleep.
by Seth May 03, 2004
Overly Gory; or blood gushing everywhere
"Oh no! I got a papercut" *Blood fills room* (So kill bill)
by McBride April 30, 2005
weird-ass movie made by Quentin Tarentnio about modern ninjas and revenge.
I saw Kill Bill on Saturday, it was pretty damn spooky.
by person October 27, 2003
1) Q.Tarantino Film

2) To Defecate
I am just going to the toilet to kill Bill.
by Stephen Carr October 31, 2003
A movie in which a scary deranged woman, who likes to wear yodelling costumes to the oscars, where's a tight, skanky, yellow bikers outfit, and parades around killing people named bill.
"Wow I love your yellow suit. Are you from Kill Bill? Will you screw me now?"
by Crazy December 08, 2004
Further proof that Quentin Tarantino is psycho, and likes to act out his wierdo fantasies on Uma Thurman. Funny in a sadistic, bloody sort of way, just like all of his movies. Except Reservoir Dogs. That was just frigging insane.

Movie message: Revenge is the key to success.
Movie goer #1: *Throws up*
Movie goer #2: What the hell? why is the screen blue?!
Movie goer #3: haha! Oooh, Lucy Liu's brain!
Critic: *kisses Quentin Tarantino's ass*
by Emily May 19, 2004
Wack ass movie with mad violence and uma thurman (the white chick) cops all these yakuzas down.
Yo, I swear if we get jumped by 20 ima kill bill.
by Haze October 29, 2003

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