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22 definitions by Crazy

Russian word for bitch.
Ya tebya lyublyu, suka!
by Crazy December 05, 2003
359 112
Head, oral, blowjob
Yo, that bee-atch gives some wicked brains!
by crazy February 19, 2004
114 32
one who sucks cock
BrendonW is a mamaguebo!
by CraZy January 17, 2004
103 29
The Neopets Avatar Chat (abbreviated AC), or, technically the "Avatars/Neosignatures board" is the first board listed on the NeoBoards page. (it's arranged alphabetically.) The board is well-known as the following topics:

1. Lending Neopets or items for avatars, usually in exchange for collateral or another avatar item or pet.

2. When a new avatar comes out, many n00bs spamming by posting topics asking how to get it.

3. A place to invite people to private Avatar Guilds.

4. A somewhat replacement for the Neopets General Chat. There are many chat boards on the AC where people chat, rarely about avatars.

5. A board for dumb games like Avatar Simon or Avatar Survivor.
Player 1: How do I get the new avatar?
Player 2: Make an annoying board on the Neopets Avatar Chat.
by Crazy June 20, 2006
80 21
1. People who play Neopets.
2. Imaginary people or Neopets who reside in the land of Neopia.

singular Neopian
My Neopets and I are all happy Neopians.
by Crazy June 19, 2006
42 13
the ultimate fighting character for soul calibur2. He is a selfeless warrior who does only good because he's cool like that. not as cool as me of course but pretty cool. who else can taunt in game?? and its an unblockable too! well done!
NAMU!....well done!
overconfidence is ther greatest enemy!!
yoh yoh ieeeohh!!
may there be mercy in your next life!
a merchant of human lives...absurd!
by crazy December 08, 2003
30 21
Rowsats is an online wish genie
Rowsats, get me a chick with big hooters
by CrAZy February 18, 2005
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