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What Hilary Clinto wabts to do to her husband
Hilary: He screwed too many women and left me like a whore. No I'm gonna Kill Bill
by Boaz February 24, 2005
a slow-moving mammal found in Central and South America that uses its long claws to hang upside down from tree branches.
by boaz September 06, 2003
The sexy and extremely competant Secretary of State
Ariel Sharon: She has sexy legs

Americans: This woman deserves that job
by Boaz March 08, 2005
As a Noun:

1. A well planned out and well executed personal prank.
2. A social experiment in which a group of people make reservations for popular restaurants and then bring large, stuffed fish beside which to sit during the meal, to the chagrin of other patrons.
3. A often costumed and seemingly random act of mischievious vandalism, usually accompanied by the words and phrases "Jonas", "Joner", "Jonas is Amish", "Penis", and especially "Nutsack".

As a verb:

To excute one of the aforementioned acts in a premeditated fashion.

"to ruckus" is often substituted for "to cause a ruckus"
The deviant youths planned a brilliant ruckus, involving painting a suspected communist classmate's driveway a brilliant crimson.

Unsuspecting, the schoolteacher was ruckused by masked teenagers wielding cucumbers and water balloon launchers.
by Boaz September 16, 2004
n, Slang.

A red-haired, pale skinned person, who is a suspected Amish.
His curly and fiery locks pervaded the gloom; pale skin shone like the moonlight. But it was his beard that made it perfectly clear - he was a joner.
by Boaz September 16, 2004
The foul-mouth of the Harry Potter trio
Harry: Hero
Hermione: the Brain
Ron: Foul-mouth, loyal friend
by Boaz March 08, 2005
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