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Key, real name Kim Kibum, is the main rapper of South Korean boy band, SHINee. He is well known for being an excellent rapper and a fabulous fashionable diva. He is the master of girl group dances and usually dances better than the actual group.
Non-shawol: Why is that dude wearing a pink boa on stage?
Shawol: Because that's Key, and Key is fabulous
by SpazzingKpopper January 04, 2014
a Key can refer to one of 2 things. firstly, it can refer to a kilo of a drug
secondly, it can refer to the act of using a house key to take drugs, such as coke, when there is no other way to do so (no snorter, in a club etc).
Jake: i almost got caught with a key of coke in my car yester day

Dave: we didnt have any notes to make a snorter out of so we just did keys instead
by ohnoitshimagain February 23, 2011
Your major crush, one you often mastrbate to their yearbook picture. The key to your heart.
My key is hotter than yours
by Hibamaedabae April 16, 2014
1. a kilogram(typically of illegal drugs)

2. important, central to something
he was caught with a key of cheese(cheese being a slang term for a mixture of heroin and cold medicine reportedly localized to Texas).
by Light Joker May 16, 2007
Short form of whisk(e)y taken from the last 3 letters.
"I'll have a 'key and coke"
by maxsexy July 31, 2009
snorting drugs off of a key
Hey man that shits good let me get another key.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
To key yourself or someone else is to harm you or them using a key to the wrist.
Jonny keyed himself!
by CaptainWilhelm April 27, 2009