Keys - is way of expressing a positive or negative passionate feeling. It is a word that won't get you suspended from school but will proclaim your edginess.
For instance, your friend says, "Want to hit the club?" You reply, "I am down to clown!" Your friends smiles, nods, and says, "Keys!" or "Sweet keys!" It is also used to express dismay or disbelief as in "A tree fell on my house last night." Response: "What the keys!" or "Shut the keys up!!!"
by BOLOgal October 15, 2014
Musician slang for a keyboard instrument, such as a piano, synthesizer or organ.
Who plays the keys for your band?

Is John going to play keys today?
by Foxtear August 31, 2010
means killogram. rappas use it when usually referring to coke. since coke is pretty expensice and valuable meassurements are important that why my keys is so important
Biggy "if it wasnt for the rap game/ id probably have a key knee deep in the crack game"
by PISA December 02, 2004
a Key can refer to one of 2 things. firstly, it can refer to a kilo of a drug
secondly, it can refer to the act of using a house key to take drugs, such as coke, when there is no other way to do so (no snorter, in a club etc).
Jake: i almost got caught with a key of coke in my car yester day

Dave: we didnt have any notes to make a snorter out of so we just did keys instead
by ohnoitshimagain February 23, 2011
Your major crush, one you often mastrbate to their yearbook picture. The key to your heart.
My key is hotter than yours
by Hibamaedabae April 16, 2014
1. a kilogram(typically of illegal drugs)

2. important, central to something
he was caught with a key of cheese(cheese being a slang term for a mixture of heroin and cold medicine reportedly localized to Texas).
by Light Joker May 16, 2007
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