snorting drugs off of a key
Hey man that shits good let me get another key.
by mr. nice guy February 17, 2005
To key yourself or someone else is to harm you or them using a key to the wrist.
Jonny keyed himself!
by CaptainWilhelm April 27, 2009
a key is short for kilogram referring to cocaine, (2.3 pounds of coke)
yo my homeboy banked off that key he sold.

man im ballin i got 3 keys waitin on the boat fresh from columbia for me to pickup.
by tha_sandman March 25, 2007
Key is the new word at Girls High school. It's the new cool, and mint. I know that it's usual meaning is an object used to unlock doors. But no! It is the newest slang for cool.
What a 'key' party! <-- thats so bad ass
by superguapo May 27, 2008
Verb. (i.e. "To Keys") (Pronounced "Keez")

To notice someone waiting for something (for example, the shower), and time your approach in such a way as to sneak in front of them the instant their back is turned, thereby cutting them off, and sneaking whatever it is for yourself, first.

The appropriate response to BEING "Keysed" is to shake your fist in the air, and exclaim "Why like this?"

Phrase originally popularized by divers, working offshore, who routinely go out of their way to steal shower time, snacks, or other goodies out from under their colleagues.
James: "Damn it, Keith! ...I put my shaving kit, towel, and soap in the shower, and I was just about to start the water, and I decided to hit the head, first! ...Then? Dano snuck in there while I was in the head and stole my shower!"

Keith: "Hahaha! You got keysed, Man!"

James: <shaking fist in the air> "Why like this!!?"
by Annonymous Diver February 26, 2012
simply delicious in taste
Mmmm, this casserole is key, Mrs. Johnson.
by Mojo February 15, 2005
Key is a word used, when something that has been done or an item has been recieved that makes the current situation work. without a key you dont have access.
see also: "clutch"
The party was strait with music and liquor, but the strippers were key!
by McGhee October 20, 2004

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