A fat retarded science teacher. She likes to believe that she's not fat and retarded at her job, but we all know that she's a whore on the inside.
When I talk about the devil and Osama Binladin mating and having a kid, I'm talking about Mrs. Johnson.
by I Hate You, Alot! April 20, 2010
When a male following oral sex, retracts his penis from the girl or "dime peiece" and climaxes in a line on a table and his "dime pieces" proceeds to snort the line of sperm or man juice. To complete this act the male must exit the room saying one of two things 1. "snort that shit miss Johnson" 2. " its in you nose bitch....hahaha"
Im coming bitch get ready to do the Mrs. Johnson.
by Saad "The Bod" December 01, 2007
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