1. recognizable by their red hair and face. has a box shaped body like a box of cereal but thats just due to a kevins excessive weight. kevins were irish until they were all disowned for forcing themselves on men and drinking semen. they are also well-known for their one inch dicks.
2. the noise a fart makes
3. a male that has a drying effect on vaginas
4. the hole at the tip of a penis.
boy: "That was the loudest kevin I've ever heard a fart make."

Kevin: "Suck my dick."
Girl: "I can't find it."

Girl: "I was horny until I saw Kevin."
by ilikeicecreamlots January 30, 2009
A guy that always has girls around him. No matter where he is they are with him. He is the guy to be.
Guy1: Dude you look like such a Kevin right now with all them girls.

Guy2: I know man I feel like I'm a Kevin.
by Jjbars February 13, 2014
A kid that gets baddass girls just turning his back , has swaag out the ass , best dress game in his school , is on sum g shit , and is very cute .
Oh my god ! Kevin is soo cute I love him !
by Flyyboy July 29, 2011
A major man whore who likes to take it up the ass. Aslo a total diva who will eat you alive. His sister is amazing
Omg he is totally being a kevin!
by Old greg the third August 01, 2010
Someone who is full of knowledge. A true master that knows all
I wish I was a Kevin in school.
by Alfreddo March 04, 2015
MAN WITH A REALLY small!!! dICK. that sucks sac. and jacks off to men
omggggg that kid kevin has a small dickkk :D mhmmmmmm
by chris brownnn October 09, 2010
An absolutely amazing guy who can brighten anyone's day. He is kind, sweet, and gentle. He is a great football player and treats the other team fairly, most of the time. He is a wonderful kisser and also a total gentleman. He is completely loyal and would never treat

He overall is perfection and you are in good company when with him.
Wow. I wish I had a boyfriend like Kevin. He treats his girl the way a real man would.
by football_girlfriend April 13, 2015
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