Person who is hardworking, and can go through tough times and come out a better person. Has friends who can support him. He is confident and is talented
Kevin will overcome his depression soon. Its because he's kevin- an amazing person.
by Agoodfriend34324 September 03, 2011
A curly headed fuck. that takes it up the ass from his brother who participates in phone sex every night with Eric. Also has a big nose and is tight with his money. Kevin is known for being such a fag, the gay kids in the school look up to Kevin for being so gay.
Holy shit, I cant believe Kevin sucked his dick for 10 hours straight!!
by 1556 November 05, 2010
A Kevin is a boy everyone will want to be around. He is naive and has low self esteem, but he doesn't have to. He is funny and lovable just the way he is. Downsides to kevin's are if you get on his bad side once, he will leave you there forever. He can be hostile and lash out, but generally a great guy.
"OMG girl! I just got back from my date! He is SUCH a kevin!"
"Wow you're so lucky"
by kevinsgirl March 08, 2012
Kevin is an over all amazing person. He has issues and can sometimes make mistakes but he'll work his butt off to fix them. He is my present and my future. He's not afraid to be honest and appreciates when your honest with him. He has an amazing smile,can sometimes be overly confident. But don't mistake him for cocky because he will do anything for the one he truly loves. Kevin is someone who i have taken advantage of and who has forgiven me. I hope this proves that him don't have to be afraid to lose yourself in my love 'cause i'll never hurt you again. Kevin is the name of my only love,my first love,my best friend and my every thing.
Every body wants someone like kevin.
by mz.burgin2-14-12 July 03, 2012
Has hair like golden feathers and eyes like melted chocolate. Pure perfection.
He has eyes like a kevin
by Brittany928928 March 08, 2011
Kevin is an amazing, sweet, nice, kind, caring, loving, understanding, handsome, smart, funni guy. He is the best friend that anybody could have. I love him more than anything. He makes you smile, laugh, and happy. He is perfect in every way. He treats you right. He cares about you. He's the best boyfriend ever. He loves you for who you are. He is everything any girl could ask for in a guy. He can brighten anyone's day. He is wonderful. He can be sarcastic. He gets scared of things that aren't scary. He has a great sense of style and great hair. His smile is adorable, and his laugh is too. He smells great. His name means more to me then it would anyone else. Once you find a Kevin, never let him go.
Kevin is the best boyfriend ever! I love him more than anything!
by .Pepsi's.Lil.Rainbow.420. February 09, 2013
hottest guy on earth. all the girls want him. very SEXY!!! lets make out with kevin. i love kevin. why is kevin so perfect and handsome.
omg i wish im kevins girlfriend!!!!
by supercling123 June 24, 2011

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