An alternate euphemism for fecal matter, derived from the likeness of the Scottish variant for "know" in the phrase "I dinna ken" and one claiming they had defecated. Incidently, this form of ken bears no relation to its original meaning.
I did a ken!
#poo #poopy #feces #defecation #kennel
by Kennith Kensignton April 02, 2010
Top Definition
It literally means "know" in Scottish. Can also mean "know what i mean?" in Scottish.
1.Scottie: "Dae ye ken him?"
Translation: "Do you know him?"

2.Scottie: "It's fucked up, ken?"
Translation: "It's fucked up, know what i mean?"
#know #i know #know what i mean #yes #persons name
by Glock21 September 24, 2005
Barbie's ex boyfriend, who has been rumored to have caused the relationship to end by having sex with Barbie's sister. He is currently playing the field, and it seems he has multiple hot girlfriends now.
Damn, Ken's got all the bitches after him now. Too bad Barbie and him broke up. He could have been her sugar daddy. Now she's out on the streets having sex for crack.
#hot #good looking #in demand #big cock #love slave
by Jinny Dean July 16, 2006
The most amazing guy on the entire planet.

Sweet, Cute, Romantic and Incredible in bed
I fell in love with Ken
#amazing #guy #romantic #ken #bed #incredible
by trixxxie July 26, 2009
a very kind guy, that makes you smile everyday, he gots swag, intelligent, unquie style, sweet words that will make you fall in love,shoe head, hyphbeast,yao ming :D aha i love you<3
ken is the bombdiggity !
#awseome #gangstuh #wangstuh #shoehead #and boring
by Fry rye March 21, 2009
A Scottish word meaning know
" Ye little ken what cursed speed
The blastie's makin!
Thae winks an finger-ends,
I dread, Are notice takin!
Robert Burns (1759 - 1796)
by St. Ias September 20, 2005
barbie's plastic bitch.
Whenever Barbie gets tired of Blaine she goes back to Ken. Ken is totally her bitch.
#ken #barbie #bitch #plastic #blaine
by Valary June 14, 2008

A "perfect man" in the eyes of a woman. Taken from the 'Ken' male doll of the 'Barbie' series of dolls/toys. Like the toy, a Ken is expected to have perfect hair, lots of stylish clothes, and a multitude of accessories. Kens are also expected to have the same jobs as the Ken doll: see Baywatch Ken, Doctor Ken, Ken (Prince), Ken (Ski Champion), Prince Ken, Rock Stars Ken, Lawyer/Office/Business Ken.
"I met a wonderful woman, but my nice car, good job, good looks, manners, devotion, and unwavering love weren't good enough for her. She is still waiting to find her Ken."
#barbie #barbie doll #ken doll #perfect man #toy
by bycrom February 08, 2009
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