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1 (verb) An archaic English word meaning "know" Still used in Scottish dialects. Cognate to the modern German "Kennen"
Conjugations (for old English): you/I/they ken, he/she/it kenneth, thou ken(n)st
past tense: kent

2 (noun) A somewhat archaic word meaning "understanding". Still technicaly a word in modern English. Sometimes used in fantasy settings to evoke a more medieval feel.
1 Old English: "Ken(n)st thou this man?"
Scottish: "Dae ye ken this man?"
Translation: "Do you know this man?"

2 "The elves possess arts and majicks beyond human ken."
by Mecharonin February 04, 2008
A Japanese name meaning " Health. "

Kens are usually healthy but weird people.
Kens are people with kind hearts but still weird.

Ken is also a shorter version of a longer Japanese name.



by jjjvg March 07, 2009
'Ken is short for 'Fucken' or 'Farken'.

'Fucken' is short for 'Fucking' and is purposely misspelled when one is trying to evoke Australian accent and/or tongue.
'Ken Oath.
'Ken Awesome.
'Kenhell son, you've lit the farken house on fire!
by Tim Kelly August 29, 2004
"Ken" is an alias for douchebag. A Stupid man whose interest are: action movies, body building, cars (customization of...).
"Will ken invivite barby to suck an icecream in his car ?"
"You'll spent an awesome night with your Ken"
"Such a ken..."
by Bzzzz2 July 12, 2013
to know

Used throughout Scotland.
d'ya ken what i mean?
by dog_on_wheels May 18, 2005
That blonde in the red gi who gets his ass handed to him by Ryu time and time again. Husband of Eliza, father of Mel, student of Gouken, head of the Masters Foundation, US Martial Arts champion, and the only guy to be in every Capcom game with the words "Street Fighter" in the title, including "Street Fighter 2010."
No matter how many times Ken improves his Shoryuken, Ryu keeps punking him in a fight.
by Soleijhee February 04, 2010
short for heinekens-> as in beer..

lets hit the local for a couple of kens!
by sessie April 13, 2007