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According to Peter Griffin of the world famous show "Family Guy" this is the: worst, most disgusting, unappealing name in the english language of names..... DISGUSTING
Doctor: Congrajulations it's a boy

DAD: what should we name him?

"new" MOM: I want to name it Keith

(dad and doctor together) *BITCH SLAP*

DAD: Woman are you crazay!

Doctor: thats a terrible name
by Horsewiener.mpg September 08, 2010
a person of the male persuasion who is very short in stature. Typically drives oversized, intimidating vehicles to compensate for his lack of height. Enjoys eating mashed potatoes and desserts made by any female. You can find a Keith typically at a function standing off to the side watching everyone else. Girls like having a Keith aroiund because he is such a good listener however, his stature might make them uncomfortable because his eye level is right at a ladies breast level. You might mistake him for King Faqua from Shrek.
That guy is so short, I think his name is Keith.

I was talking to a gentleman the other day and all he did was stare at my boobs, his name must be Keith.

I met a guy at the bar last night, but his name was Keith - so, I am not sure I want to date him because he is so short.
by onlytheeyesknow March 03, 2010
A redneck who likes doing it up the ass.He says things he knows he wont do.He begs for your love and when you give it to him he acts as if its no big deal.He talks too fast, way to fast.Hes alsoo supriseing.But sometimes heee can be funny and nice.^-^
1-I dont feel like calling keith.

2-LOL look at his face.

3-Aw.That was nice.
by Mynamesisawesomeness November 07, 2010
The most unattractive name in the english language.
Safe:what is the most unattractive name in the english language?
by YeaItWasMe March 10, 2009
the most unattractive name in the english language
Bro 1:Have you met my friend Keith?

Bro 2:No, is he a hillbilly?

Bro 1:Nope

Bro 2:Wow that's a surprise
by bo$$.at.life November 04, 2009
To put your very best friend and favourite co-worker in the whole wide world in a headlock, causing them to fall on their leg and limp around like Blackbeard for a day and a half.

In an ideal situation, the receiver of the Keith will slip and fall one or two days later, cutting their other leg.
Man, Brandon Keithed me after I Schultzed him.

Dude, she totally Keithed me, but how could I stay mad at a face like that?
by BAJohnstonismyweekendDad April 05, 2009
Reference to cocaine. Named after Keith Hernandez of the 1986 New York Mets who was rumored to be a cocaine user.
You got any Keith?
by McSorely's September 22, 2008