To say a very lame joke. Can have different forms such as an adjective and a noun as seen in the examples.

Typically, when someone says a very lame joke, the people around accuse the person saying the joke by doing a hand gesture, consisting of a closed hand with the ring finger, middle finger and index finger open and placed over your forehead.

There is a myth claiming that when a person does a Keith (very lame) joke, he or she are killing a Kenyan child.

When the joke is epically lame, or the person doing the lame joke tries to justify themselves but instead make it lamer, they do an epic Keith. The hand gesture is done over the mouth instead of the forehead, and 50 Kenyan children are killed instead of 1.

Nevertheless, this concept brightens the world and human lives. No one typically laughs at a lame joke, but when people do the Keith hand gesture, then the people laugh at the person doing the lame joke.
(Adjective): That was totally a Keith joke.

(Noun): He just did an epic Keith! Hahaha
by TimmyRoger July 23, 2009
Dontchu see we're talking. Quit being a "Keith".
by April 26, 2009
One who likes someone but is too much of a pussy to tell them how they feel.
Jim: Hey Mike you shacked up with Jessica yet?
Mike: No, not yet, I dont think the time is right.
Jim: Stop being such a fucking Keith and got talk to her.
by cocksoccer September 20, 2008
Verb. 1. To scam, trick, rip off or otherwise dupe.

Noun. 2. An extremely sketchy or shady individual. 3. A piece of shit.
1a. We should keith that dumb ass over there with that $20 dollar bill hanging out of his pocket.

1b. I got keithed last night when I walked to my car and found it on blocks.

1c. After I bought that shitty magazine subscription from that pushy door-to-door salesman, I felt like I got keithed.

2. If you keep staring at girls with that shady grin when you are trying to hit on them you are going to turn into a keith.

3. I went to the can and dropped a huge keith.
by Cal Ski Team #1! April 04, 2007
A fake fat AIDS infested asshole with the intention of raping minors.
2: "Why?" O_o
1: "Ummm, he def fits the definition of a Keith, duh? He 'screams' into a microphone, probably talking about blowing other men, and thinks it's screaming. Definitely a Keith."
2: "Yeah, I don't want him to give me butt-AIDS."
by Unts July 29, 2009
a giant faggishly stupid kid who cant say anything to anyones face and enjoys rough anal from a small albino boy.
My friend is such a Keith, he is all talk on Xbox but when I saw him today he ran away and cried.
by Ibid May 28, 2009
Tall skinny gay guy who sings love songs to his short partner. May also whip off shirt at random intervals. Has terrible tan lines. May be incapable of performing the act of sexual intercourse due to mental usually partnered with a short boy of the name "Ryan". has weird hair that has a "wave" in the front. special ability-can change voice from deep to high pitched. not able to shut up or pronounce name more than two syllables correctly. fails at throwing freethrows into the wastepaper basket. ALWAYS misses.
shut the fuck up!!!
my name isn't FABAH-HA!!!!
by glowinthedarkmice April 16, 2009
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