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a giant faggishly stupid kid who cant say anything to anyones face and enjoys rough anal from a small albino boy.
My friend is such a Keith, he is all talk on Xbox but when I saw him today he ran away and cried.
by Ibid May 28, 2009
A fake fat AIDS infested asshole with the intention of raping minors.
2: "Why?" O_o
1: "Ummm, he def fits the definition of a Keith, duh? He 'screams' into a microphone, probably talking about blowing other men, and thinks it's screaming. Definitely a Keith."
2: "Yeah, I don't want him to give me butt-AIDS."
by Unts July 29, 2009
Tall skinny gay guy who sings love songs to his short partner. May also whip off shirt at random intervals. Has terrible tan lines. May be incapable of performing the act of sexual intercourse due to mental challenges.is usually partnered with a short boy of the name "Ryan". has weird hair that has a "wave" in the front. special ability-can change voice from deep to high pitched. not able to shut up or pronounce name more than two syllables correctly. fails at throwing freethrows into the wastepaper basket. ALWAYS misses.
shut the fuck up!!!
my name isn't FABAH-HA!!!!
by glowinthedarkmice April 16, 2009
To alter a substance.
Jeremy just keithed my dr. P by putting malt vinegar in it!
by mavro May 28, 2007
Keith is a late european name that originated as a name used to insult a man who has a high pitched voice who coulnd fight for shit. The name later evolved in to a word in french meaning homo sexual.in other words a person called a keith is a Faggot, pussy with a girly voice that cant fight for shit.

What the hell your such a keith.
by Peter Shaw the G master May 06, 2007