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The most potent form of marijuana; marijuana that contains crystals.
High powered marijuana
by Judah February 17, 2005
The crystals that fall off really good marijuana.
After I shook that hydro, I had about a gram of killer keefe
by Pilaf May 29, 2008
Gaelic meaning handsome, noble, gentle, lovable.
"Ach! You're so Keefe, I could just pinch your cheeks: both sets!"
by Elan J February 04, 2010
to screw up, make an error, or use poor judgment
man, we walked all the way to that party and nobody was there..we really keefed.

boy i really keefed that match away
by maximUm1 March 15, 2009
a queefer who likes to queefe in their partners mouth. enjoys biting butts and saying random noises. has a weird sense of style.
whoa that keefe just queefed!
you just queefed your such a keefe!
by ZANZABAR ex oh March 15, 2008
a faggot that slightly resembles a hobbit or beaver
Garrett is such a keefe.
by austin menard January 16, 2004
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