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v. kebbed

Forum speak, in which when a thread is "kebbed", it is closed, and shall not continue.
"Hex kebbed one of Chris's threads on SXC because it was way too crazy for the general population to handle."
by hex December 04, 2004
21 6
feet, particularly without shoes
"Ewwwww, get those dirty, stinky kebs off the table!!"

by Bryan Angus November 27, 2007
13 4
A group of four girls that controls their school. If you are KEBS then you do things whenever you want them, when you want them.
Boy1: Dude what happened last night?

Boy2: I think KEBS rolled in.
by TheOneAndOnlySplurge January 02, 2011
12 5
A keb is a person/ persons who are closest to you
I love my kebs, I'm going bowling later with my main keb
by bumchin20 September 20, 2011
3 2
to throw an object from one to another.
"keb us that pie over here you fat chuff"
"i kebbed it all over her face"
by O18 August 24, 2006
5 5
Keb: A filthy unwashed foot
Get your stinking kebs of the table you gobshite.
by Jonnythe dog May 21, 2005
9 9
To wear hooker tights, to be a slut and generally have loads of pubes
That girls such a Keb! I know have you seen her muff?! What a Keb.
by iknowwhoyouarekeb ;) February 15, 2008
7 8