means the earthly deeds that we do for our future life after death....and also the name of a very fine rock band
every human has to do his own karma....for there is unknown factors beyond human imagination which can be justified only by our day to day karma
by ashish rai October 27, 2007
An ancient religious concept that has recently gained popularity through the television show "My Name is Earl". If you're lucky, karma will get you a really spiffy looking Chevy El Camino, but only if you make a list of all the mean things you've ever done and resolve to make amends for each of them. If you're the type of guy who's always doing mean things and wondering why your life sucks, you need to watch Carson Daly and he'll tell you it's all karma.
"Karma used me to do its dirty work. Nice move, Karma."
by MC 900 Foot Oral Roberts May 28, 2006
A large invisible, magical and often angry, elephant.
Likes to shit on cars.
Karma is the VENGEFUL elephant, watch out of he'll shit on you.
you know the song=
"karma, karma, karma the vengeful elephant"
by G-UNIT March 13, 2005
A short half black girl, with a big booty. Likes to dance and sing alot, kinda weird but dead sexy
will- "dude you know that girl who always sings in class?"

Kevin- "oh olivia, yeah I noticed her she is such a Karma"
by Dr. Kismet August 26, 2008
A boy that was befriended for karma points. Now, he won't leave anyone alone.
OMG. Karma made me a fleece blanket with dogs on it.
by yo momma is a hoe. February 18, 2008
The tired, often uncomfortable effects that one encounters after the high from smoking strong weed.
Bob: Yo what was that shit called?

Billy: That was some straight GDP nigga, Granddaddy Purp

Bob: Damn that's some shit mang i was so blazed

Billy: Yea bro, but you gotta be careful if u smoke too much of that shit u could get some bad karma

Bob: Yea i did, but it was well worth it
by Do me on it alex gray June 09, 2009
The act of spluging on a girl's face.
Julia loved the karma because it moistuirzed her skin and I was happy to oblige.
by julia scarf December 28, 2007

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