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A euphemism for being poor. As Top Ramen can be obtained for a paltry US$0.10/pack, it is widely regarded as the single cheapest meal a human can consume.
"Hey man, want to go to the movies tonight?"
"Can't. I'm on a Ramen Budget."
by icabod May 12, 2004
A Salad-on-a-budget that requires no plate to eat! A Bachelor Salad is created by lopping the top 2-3 inches of a head of lettuce off, creating a handy bowl. Simply pour the dressing of your choice into the "bowl," and chow-down.

See also Ramen Budget
My girlfriend is outta town, and there's naught but lettuce to eat. Bachelor Salad and Beer it is!
by icabod May 10, 2004
A contraction of the phrase "Marketing Droid." Also 'marketoid'.

Used as a generally derisive term to describe a person who is so concerned with spewing marketing dribble to sell a product, that it comes automatically to them. A persons marketing ability does not necessarily denote expertise of the subject at hand.
I asked how much horsepower it had, but the marketroid kept saying "Look! It's a HEMI!!!"
by icabod May 21, 2004
In most modern programming languages based loosely on the C syntax (C, C++, C#, Java), the ++ operator is used to increment a number. Attached to the Karma variable, this notation indicates that you are adding to your general stockpile of karma.

Of course, many people will argue that Karma can only be apportioned by the universe.
I just gave a homeless guy a buck. Karma++;
by icabod February 17, 2004
A California town in the Mojave Desert that shares many qualities with the city of Laredo.
If Raqem ever leaves Laredo, I don't reccomend that he comes to Palmdale
by icabod August 21, 2003
A phrase used in the song for the movie "Shaft" that was then used for a McDonald's commercial which had Shaq (famous basketball player) in it. As of now, this phrase has been incorporated into Shaq's short but annoying list of phrases such as "Meow" and "Kobe didn't rape that girl".
"SHAAAAAAAAAAQ Can you dig it?"
by Icabod February 16, 2004
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