A bullshit idea that is used to manipulate stupid people, take advantage of the ignorant...
Its Karma you stupid fuck
#ignorance #religion #karma #nonscientific #bullshit
by NoOne0 August 12, 2013
A heaping pile of bullshit supernaturalism used by idiots to justify anything that may happen to someone they are personally inconvenienced by.

To imply there is a supernatural, conscious, sentient force that can determine human right and human wrong, and undertake action based on that judgment to adversely affect someone or something, is entirely stupid, and is nothing more than petty self-serving.
"Good luck explaining karma to a child with cancer."
#karma #bullshit #supernatural #garbage #bs
by MaxHeadroom87 June 12, 2015
The phenomenon of:

what goes around, comes around
what goes up, must comes down
what's eaten, must be shitted
what's evil, will receive evil
what's good, will receive good
what's nice, will receive nice

you better be able to eat whatever it is you dish up

if you can serve if you better be able to stomach it
She was kind and received kindness.
He was evil and received evil.

karma bitches
#round #circle #of #life #eat it #bitches
by PineappleJuice February 27, 2015
a mistake. bitch. an ocean of half truths. Actions against someone is hard karma. It happens and is something that happens then it becomes a move and as a reality is a mistake because it has proof permanently a part of times history in the minds of the people and in art ratcheted away from the people like their futures at an early age.
me: yo im a mufucking white person I have bad karma INHERENTLY DAWG, I never even had a future to begin with.
#embarassment #die #evil #bitch #hate
by jamiejamiejamie December 30, 2013
What goes around comes around.. usually a word that hoodrats use to make them feel better about their constant screw ups. They never learn thier lesson so they try to blame their faults on others and wish bad on them.
even though I cheat on my Boyfriend, karma will bite him in the ass because he is a great guy..
#karma #hoe #hoodrats #cheat #learn
by BobbyG830 March 27, 2015
Whatever you do comes back to you.
Negative Karma means bad juju
Positive Karma is good juju
Karma is a bitch. Especially when you annoy others.
#juju #negative #positive #especially #annoy
by *starstruck* January 03, 2015
The type of girl that has A LOT going for her. She caries this close to her heart, on her chest. This can often weigh her down and it is a marvel to many people how she is able to swim when she is 'carrying' so much on her chest.

Karma is also known as a slave.
Those are HUGE! she must be a karma
#karma #kermit #kook #kaka #kokha
by iamyourfatherkarma April 29, 2011
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