Having sex with a dead necrophiliac.
What goes around comes around, that's Karma, Bitch!
by Mr.Funwithcorpses January 22, 2011
n. Participation points scored on Plurk, a popular Taiwan-based social networking website often compared to twitter, that can be earned by posting micro-blogs and receiving responses. Karma points enable the use of fancy emoticons and other functions on the profile page.
I've been away for just two days and my Karma points have dropped by 25!! orz
by miow October 24, 2009
Getting back at someone for something they did
Boy: its over
Girl: *cries* i love you though
Boy: ohh well.
-two weeks later-
Boy: i miss you. i cant live without you
Girl: oh well. you had your chance
Boy: please, your so great
Girl: ha, sucks doesnt it? Karma's a bitch
by babestatus June 04, 2009
An evil bitch that lives in the sky, punishing those who do the most minor of things with something a thousand times worse.

*Boy accidentally trips up friend*
Boy: 'Oops. Sorry'

*Miraculously a piano falls from the sky crushes his feet so he's unable to move, suddenly a pack of dogs emerge out of nowhere attack him; tearing all his clothes off, whilst a bunch of escaped horny convicts pass by, see their chance and have their way.*

Friend: Karma's a bitch
by Ashleyy(: February 20, 2009
karma means what goes around goes around, there is a few songs that spread this meaning.
eg. karma by lloyd banks (song)

eg. karma by alicia keys (song)

eg. "what comes around goes around, karma, get used to it you should of thought before you done what you done."
by xXx March 05, 2005
A real bitch.
I know a girl named Karma, everyone was right; Karma's a bitch.
by karmaisaibitch September 09, 2009
Karma is a 7-foot tall guy who wears a large dirty burlap sack over his head, has his knees on backwards, and a taxidermied parrot on his shoulder, and comes over once in a while to punch you in the face "saying I know what you did last summer."
Me: Who is it? Coming!
*punched in the face*
Karma: "I know what you did last summer."
Me: OW!
by p@$$ing thr.ugh January 13, 2010

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