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controversial belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.
If Karma existed, you mean to tell me that children who deal with abuse and violence is their karma?

War on innocent people is their karma, they deserved it?

Karma vs Jesus? Do you really know someones life that well that you are capable of judging them and everything that happens to them is their own karma? Who are we to judge? We don't know their life.
by Karma Beliefs March 30, 2013
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thing that comes back and bites u in the ass.
u do a bad thing with karma to someone, u will have bad luck.
by tamra lynn August 14, 2008
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Urban definition: It is an overused term by misguided victims to convey their disliking of another persons actions and/or words. It is a means to an end for those who don't let go of the past or stand up for themselves. They take what life deals them, and expect a higher power to control everything and to dish out percieved justice whether it's reasonable or not.

The true meaning and concept derived originally from the Hindu religion, and was carried on in buddhism. In other religions such as christianity, it is referred to as "Getting back what you put out, ten fold". In which one receives back what they put out. People often make the mistake of thinking that karma takes time. The exchange is instantaneous, however the realization that karma has happened, takes a longer time.
Instead of shrugging off being made fun of, the girl posted on her Facebook wall, "Karma is a bitch, wait till it catches up with u hoe!" In turn, she received a flurry of more mockery for showing how much it bothers her. The person made herself out to be a victim and was treated like one. True karma.
by nerdistheword October 12, 2013
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something that needs to be present all the time
There's a lot of people that should have bad karma, but they tend to escape anything bad happening to them.
by fhgirl-51 May 22, 2011
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The type of girl that has A LOT going for her. She caries this close to her heart, on her chest. This can often weigh her down and it is a marvel to many people how she is able to swim when she is 'carrying' so much on her chest.

Karma is also known as a slave.
Those are HUGE! she must be a karma
by iamyourfatherkarma April 29, 2011
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doing random good things and expecting other random good things to happen to you because of that
"Once I helped this grandma pass the street, somehow it will pay back one day since I believe in karma"
by s1kx July 01, 2009
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a mistake. bitch. an ocean of half truths. Actions against someone is hard karma. It happens and is something that happens then it becomes a move and as a reality is a mistake because it has proof permanently a part of times history in the minds of the people and in art ratcheted away from the people like their futures at an early age.
me: yo im a mufucking white person I have bad karma INHERENTLY DAWG, I never even had a future to begin with.
by jamiejamiejamie December 30, 2013
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