Another word for stealing, after Kanye's mic-snatching debacle at the 2009 VMAs.
Is that girl still a virgin? No my buddy Kanye'd her v card.

Where did you get that sick throw-back jersey? I Kanye'd it from my old roomate.

Did you really have to announce you guys were pregnant at my engagement party. Way to Kanye my thunder.
by duckslayer11 October 31, 2010
Interrupting someone while they are trying to make a statement and or a speech
Ashley: and tomorrow we're planning to go to ....

Mark: Dude let's watch Golden Girls...that Blanche is a real slut

Maria: Mark stop Kanyeing and let her talk....
by glamourousjale September 17, 2009
Doing something stupid or rude which was quite disruptive when you know you weren't supposed to.
Without any thinking, the man pulled a kanye by mooning the audience during the play of Shakespeare's Hamlet embarrassing himself and the production team.
by karmayogi54 September 14, 2009
acting like a complete and total idiot. Not because you are drunk or on drugs, but just because you are a completely self-obsessed, ego-maniacal tool.
Congressman Joe Wilson was such a Kanye for shouting at President Obama.
by Oohgurl September 14, 2009
To Kanye a person is to take away a possession from its owner and then mistreat it only to be returned later in a condition that is much less desired anymore.

The present term for this could be considered Kanye'd.

Named after the infamous incident that taken place in 2009's MTV Video Music Awards where rapper Kanye West snatched the mic away from country singer Taylor Swift when giving an acceptance speech for winning Best Female Video. Kanye then proclaimed that Taylor didn't deserve it, leaving the award she won, much less of an accomplishment and more of a curse.

Note that the end of a Kanye, be prepared for the victim to deliver a beatdown to whoever Kanye'd him.
Guy 1: *steals basketball away from a player and proceeds to embarrass him by passing it off of his head* YOU JUST GOT KANYE'D!

Guy 2: *returns the favor with a fist to Guy 1's face* You got owned, bitch.
by KoriNem September 14, 2009
An publicly rude manner of interrupting another person(s) moment to drawn attention to yourself or your narrow-minded opinion(s). Usually due to an in ability to accept another persons spotlight attention in general.

Based on Kanye West's instantly infamous interruption of Taylor Swift's acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards for Best Female Video with his stuttering shout out to Beyonce. (see 'Imma let you finish')
Did you see how Bill pulled a kanye on Steve when he received the best employee award.

Micheal Scott from the show Office Space is famous for pulling kanyes when his employees are getting more spotlight attention than himself.
by phealingood September 17, 2009
next to tupac and the B.I.G. for the best rappers ever, he reveals what life is really about, unlike other rappers just rhyme about sex, drugs, money, he raps about his lifetime expierences and jesus, which is great cuse poser sellouts and wankstas like nelly and G- Unit are just influencing young blacks to drugs acahol violence and sex. Not to mention he makes crazy beats also. Kanye West is true talent. Hes change the rap game forever. He is giving hip hop a up beat artist. Rap would be perfect and not fake if we could get rid of those gangster actors like G-Unit outta of the game, and get more influental and positive artists like kanye
Kanye definetly the shit right now

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