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Swahili for the word "PRICK"
That A-Rod sure is a Kanye...
by nuthin but da truth September 14, 2009
18 12
Swahili term meaning "jackass."
Barack Obama said of Kanye, "He's a jackass."
by DocSavage September 15, 2009
18 13
"kanYe" --DEFINITION: Someone who RUDELY interrupts you; A cry Baby for nothing that important; Someone who throws hissy fits; A DRAMA KING/QUEEN.
"LIL MAMA acted... really like a kanYe when she just showed up during Jay-Z & Alicia's Performance @ VMAs!!!" The word again is "kanYe".
by Obie_1nder September 13, 2009
11 6

An individual who is self centered, thinks they are better than every one & deserve to be treated like royalty with out having ever done anything of meaning.

Synonyms: Douche bag, Asshole, Gay fish, Scumbag, Jerk off
Person 1: I'm the fuckin greatest... I should have a camera crew following me around at all times.

Person 2: Dude, you dropped outta high school cause you failed every class & you've been fired from every job you've ever held!

Person 1: Man, Fuck you!

Person 2: Ok, Kanye what ever
by jd-lump November 22, 2011
5 1
The act of interrupting and/ or stealing the metaphorical spotlight from another through the act of the offender putting his/ herself out in the open with the intention of making a valid point.This usually ends in the unintentional making an ass of the offender self.
"Dude, you totally Kanyed me by correcting my grammar during the debate. But it's ok, 'cause now everyone thinks you're a total ASS"
by captain plantain September 15, 2009
21 17
also known as an EPIC FAIL
Fuck you Kanye!
by HYT65 September 14, 2009
9 5
To be a serious dick; To have no class.
He jumped on stage, stole the microphone from a nineteen year old girl, and made proceeded to kanye. kanyed Kanye West
by lilspoon September 14, 2009
13 9