acting like a complete and total idiot. Not because you are drunk or on drugs, but just because you are a completely self-obsessed, ego-maniacal tool.
Congressman Joe Wilson was such a Kanye for shouting at President Obama.
by Oohgurl September 14, 2009
1. (verb) The act of being or acting like a complete and total douche; Making an ass of one's self while simultaneously betraying and/or humiliating a peer.

2. (adj) Having one's head so far up their own ass they are unable to properly function; Being completely or extremely in love with one's self.
1. Man, they chick is really kanyeing right now.; Jim just totally Kanyed me.

2. Dave is so kanye he doesn't even realise everyone here wishes he would leave; Why the fuck Does Kanye think he is a good rapper?
by TSwift000 September 14, 2009
An idiot, but more than that, an idiot who makes a series of mistakes, and doesn't think about consequences of their actions.
Scarlet is being a real Kanye right now. The dumbass just fell off a table while she was standing on it, singing.
by Vive Cuervo September 15, 2009
Pronunciation: \ˈkän-yā\
Function: Noun
1. Asshole
2. Classless egotist
Through a series of embarrassing public missteps, he revealed himself to be an complete and utter kanye.
by Justine Delarge September 14, 2009
to be excessively cocky and possess a messiah complex, to the point that people feel the urge to inflict bodily harm upon you.
Kobe was acting a little too kanye last night when he put up 55, so Ron-Ron had to put him on his back.
by E-Feezy February 09, 2006
a style of dress: pretty boy with "extra" accessories (large belt buckle, bookbag with no books, stooper-big watch)
Look at this guy, pullin a kanye: does he have to have the belt buckle with a pocket protector on it?
by mr wordsamillion! November 13, 2005
Swahili for the word "PRICK"
That A-Rod sure is a Kanye...
by nuthin but da truth September 14, 2009

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