An individual who is self centered, thinks they are better than every one & deserve to be treated like royalty with out having ever done anything of meaning.

Synonyms: Douche bag, Asshole, Gay fish, Scumbag, Jerk off
Person 1: I'm the fuckin greatest... I should have a camera crew following me around at all times.

Person 2: Dude, you dropped outta high school cause you failed every class & you've been fired from every job you've ever held!

Person 1: Man, Fuck you!

Person 2: Ok, Kanye what ever
by jd-lump November 22, 2011

pronounced kän-ya
Noun: An attempt to unceremoniously and uninvitedly impose one`s opinion on an unsuspecting audience.

Note bene
In the pronunciation guide, the "a" in the second syllable should have a long-symbol over it.
"I was at the bar having a discussion with John about who is a better quarterback, Eli or Peyton Manning, when some drunk jerk neither of us even knew butted in to our conversation and went all kanye saying that Tom Brady is the best."
by The Original J-Sizzle September 16, 2009
to interrupt someone, while acting like a total jackass in the process
"Don't kanyé me when I'm talking!"
"I didn't appreciate when you kanyé'd me during my presentation."
by drumdude September 15, 2009
It basically is used when someone is being an asshole or just a dickhead.
Don't be such a Kanye!
by EvilGeniusTheFirst September 15, 2009
one person acting like a piece of shit to another person
Making that little boy cry by stealing his ice cream was such a Kanye move.
by OffendedMama September 15, 2009
To rudely interrupt someone's positivity with your own negativity.
Brian:"Yeah, I gave her a hug and told her I loved her..."
Allan: "Lame, bro. Way to pull a kanye."
by karrieatscrayons September 14, 2009
In Swahili language "kanye" means "go to shit" or "go to poop".
The phrase "Kanye west", though not a valid phrase in Swahili, would literally translate to "go shit in the West"
by Loophole October 07, 2007

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