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1. An exchange of Konkey Dong to the butt.
2. Kiddy Dong in the butt region.
3. Two options you choose, butt or mouth, if no choice is made you get butted then mouthed.
I will butt your baby, in his baby butt.
I will butt you so hard.
Lumberg got butted so hard this weekend.
by lumburgalar January 13, 2009
Flatulence emmited from the rectal interior of the buttocks.
"You butted on me!"
"Eww! You butted!"
"Don't butting!"
"Will you butt wif me?"
by Morkobog February 06, 2006
A state of mental shutdown induced by indica-heavy weed. Very very stoned.
Said slowly, after a prolonged period of staring glassy-eyed at the wall/plant/glowing box in the corner with moving pictures on it: "Jesus, I'm butted. Must be your turn to skin up."
by lordsofswag January 07, 2011
A serious curseword with a versatile usage
ie Man, my phone got butted today.
ie Are you butted tonight, or can you do soemthing?
ie Butted. (by itself describes the immediate situation and how fuckin butted it is)
by eternalcrux December 12, 2003
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