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Made famous by the terrible play and unbelievable luck of Aaron Kanter during the 2005 World Series of Poker, an unlikely river card that gives a player an improbable win to a hand that he should never had been in at any point at all.
After some raising and following a flop of 6c-5d-3h, Raymer bets with Kd-Kh and Kanter calls an uncallable flop with Qh-Jh (5% to win). The turn card is the 7h, Kanter bets $600,000, Raymer moves all in, and Kanter Calls off all his money with his weak draw. Raymer shows his pocket kings, and Kanter shows his queen-high flush draw, needing a heart. Naturally, he catches the first of a long series of Kanter-cards with the river 2h, and makes his flush to cripple Greg Raymer.
by D H June 11, 2007
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