A person who cares for children (in Spain).
Do you know why there are so many kangaroos in Australia?
Because the parents are always going out partying.
by Manolo_in_Zaragoza October 28, 2011
My cool shoes.
I'll stick my kangaroos in yo' ass if yer not careful.
by Rumpus February 18, 2004
Male who cowardly retreats/contracts its genitalia upon a being presented a challenge.
Albert enthusiastically lobbied for the race. However, when a suitable contender arose, he quickly backed out.

Albert, you're such a kangaroo!
by beerisliquidbread February 18, 2011
(Noun) A girl who is stubborn and won't get off your D.
Biscuits man...Jessica is so stubborn and won't get of my d and it is getting old; I am a gentlemen, I can't keep bagging these kangaroos.
by Arvizu Fury February 21, 2010
The offspring of a donkey and rabbit.
"Who gives a shit whether a donkey fucked a rabbit and produced a kangaroo, just as long as it hops and you can dance to it." - Joe Strummer
by Bending Rodriquez January 30, 2008
Slang for <gay guy>

Doing little hopping motions on both legs while holding your hands parallel and the wrists slightly bent forward should give you an idea where this synonym came from.
Are you a kangaroo?
by Lynx86 January 02, 2011
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