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A giant rabbit that can kick your ass.
Hey bro watch out for that Kangaroo, he is wearing boxing gloves.
by steezlawhd December 13, 2011
Male who cowardly retreats/contracts its genitalia upon a being presented a challenge.
Albert enthusiastically lobbied for the race. However, when a suitable contender arose, he quickly backed out.

Albert, you're such a kangaroo!
by beerisliquidbread February 18, 2011
A person who cares for children (in Spain).
Do you know why there are so many kangaroos in Australia?
Because the parents are always going out partying.
by Manolo_in_Zaragoza October 28, 2011
(Noun) A girl who is stubborn and won't get off your D.
Biscuits man...Jessica is so stubborn and won't get of my d and it is getting old; I am a gentlemen, I can't keep bagging these kangaroos.
by Arvizu Fury February 21, 2010
why everyone wants to go to asutraila....
yo brah lets go see some kangaroo
by booombooo November 23, 2011
Slang for <gay guy>

Doing little hopping motions on both legs while holding your hands parallel and the wrists slightly bent forward should give you an idea where this synonym came from.
Are you a kangaroo?
by Lynx86 January 02, 2011
to convict someone with false evidence
They tried to kangaroo him with a forged confession.
by The Return of Light Joker September 15, 2009