3 definitions by urf

To creep on someone by watching the Spotify activity feed and noting their taste in music.
I spotispied on Buster's playlists...there are two called "Lucille"...

After spotispying on Maeby for 3 months, George Michael could finally woo her by pretending to coincidentally have the EXACT same taste in music.

Everytime I spotispy on Gob, he is listening to the Final Countdown...over and over again.
by URF February 20, 2013
what the media/average people see as core. its mediocre. ha.
the used. head automatica. blablabla
by urf January 09, 2005
the act of a male jumping up and down without any pants on, thus making his testicles go up and down.
billy, put your pants back on and stop doing the kangaroo
by urf October 25, 2003

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