Top Definition
1. sexie smart bitch, very outgoing, very sexual.

2. girl who loves to masturbate.

3. someone who is great at whatever they do in life.

4. an amazing writer (Kandice Plain)
Aaah... I remember Kandice, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.
by rayjay October 04, 2004
has very nice ass!!!!!!!!!
Hey kandice! hows it going?
by karly April 14, 2005
Someone who is very smart and pretty. Elegant and sassy. Everybody loves Kandice. Fun to be around very cool and mellow
Wow that girl is so cool
Yah, she must be a kandice
by dntderit March 21, 2013
someone so amazingly fugly, so incredibly annoying, mean, and fat.. that everyone hates her
kandice stop following me! and my friends! we freakin hate u!
by chris December 29, 2004

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