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1. sexie smart bitch, very outgoing, very sexual.

2. girl who loves to masturbate.

3. someone who is great at whatever they do in life.

4. an amazing writer (Kandice Plain)
Aaah... I remember Kandice, she was the best thing that ever happened to me.
by rayjay October 04, 2004
1. sexie ass motha fo. usually equipped with a graciously sized johnson.

2. sweet hunk of man with beautiful blue eyes.

3. world's sexiest chef.

4. rayjay, rev. rayjay johnson, mr.rj...

5. sweet and caring, one woman kinda guy with strict morals that he likes to live by.
Man, when I saw that RJ, I couldn't take my eyes off him.
by rayjay October 04, 2004
when you walk around naked and your balls swing one way and your johnson swings the other way.
I was home alone the other night so I did the balls johnson dance.
#the #balls #johnson #dance #naked #men #penis #swinging
by rayjay October 12, 2005
shortened version of jackin the smokestack, meaning to jerk off or masturbate.

only used by men of course.
james: wtf are you doing?
me: chillin at home, about to jack the stack.
james: haha, n1.
#jack #stack #penis #jerk #masturbate #beat off #jerk off
by rayjay April 04, 2006
This is the ratio of how many times you can sex a girl before your penis becomes like a wet noodle.

If you can sex a girl like 3 times within 3 hours and then your penis becomes a wet noodle, your noodle ratio is 3:1.
Oh man, my noodle ratio has gone up since last year, now I got a 10:1 noodle ratio!
#noodle #ratio #sex #sexing #wet noodle
by rayjay April 04, 2006
when a person has more than just a normal stash. when a persons moustache becomes so incredibly intricate that you dont even notice the person behind the stash.
james: BWAAAHAHAHA, check out that doods ill stash.
me: wow you totally just busted out laughing at his ill stash right in his face!
#ill #stash #moustache #giant #killer #huge #crazy #intricate
by rayjay April 04, 2006
leet for neek do i have to say any more
rand is a n33k lets leave him here .
by RAYJAY February 03, 2005
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