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When a person's emotions go from extreme high to extreme low in a short period of time. This variation can sometimes be scary, irritating, or even annoying!! >_<
eg. anne went from super hyper to super depressed in just an hour!
by *OxYgen July 04, 2004
London slang for 'stolen'.
Don't come round here with your moody goods, Pete - I'll have your face smashed in.

Harry picked-up another moody motor from Billericay.
by J_L June 22, 2006
is a sudden change in someone's behavior such as friendly to irritable and polite to hostile
Its hard to know where a person is about if their moody.
by Gerard Irick January 23, 2010
A crazy guy who abuses power, pretends to be loaded, throws people through windows, sues people for no damn reason, and then tells them how much he likes them!
That moody is one unhinged mug, the took a bat to my car and then asked if I wanted ice cream!
by WiggleWorm775 January 04, 2011
When a person delays the rotation of a bowl being passed to stop and tell a long, winded story. In most cases, one that nobody cares about.
Blah blah blah blah blah....Dude, stop pulling a moody and pass that shit!
by Bog and Kyle January 07, 2011
something that is moody is known to be fake or of a bad quality
A lacoste shirt that is fake is moody.

son: here's your chistmas present dad{a shirt}
dad: thanks son but i would never were a moody piece of crap like that
by 123-CHAR-123 May 12, 2007
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