A lovely boy that is just to die for! Has a great fun personality with the cutest smile. A lot of girls are after Kai because he is a popular, good looking lad, also known to normally have a sibling that is also very good looking as well.

Also quite a loud boy and normally talks to a lot of girls some people know him as a player...
by EmmaDemend77 January 05, 2012
Kai is a man who is sexy asf and he loves ladies and he's kind and loving and he's chill asf
"Kai is so sexy ilyhsm"
by Cewldood May 30, 2016
Another nickname for a boy. This boy can be anywhere from 13-20 years old. He is very good looking, smart, popular, atheletic. But aside from being everygirl's dream boy, a Kai is known to be a total bastard. He toys with the hearts of girls in a general 10 mile radius and plays evil mind games with his victims. Known to date Megans and some times even Roxannes. But in the end even the Megans and Roxannes don't win for the Kai moves on to his next prey.
Jamie is a Kai survivor. She is forever haunted by the memory of when he sicced his many blonde lapdogs on her. She will never completely heal.
by BluJay November 23, 2007
Alot of people say Kai is a jerk but once you truly get to know him he's a gentleman. He is the sweetest man i've ever met. Kai usually rolls in groups of 3. Although he lacks belief in himself, once you know him you can see the beauty inside him. He is blue eyed with blonde hair. You couldn't ask for anyone more than him. He always leaves you coming back for more. Although Kai lacks sexual skills, he makes up for it with his sensatual paragraphs. When Kai touches you it feels like love. Kais rap must interest is forever changing, he is silly, unique, sweet, and so caring to all his lady friends. Whoever Kai crushes on is a lucky lady. Kai may seem shy as he opens up, but its worth it, he has a secret poetic side that you cant resist.
Wow, I wish I could be with Kai, he is so dreamy.
by MW79 July 16, 2016
A Kai is one of the most amazing people you could ever meet. They have an amazing sense of humour and have the cutest laugh. Kai's are usually referred as "goals" and "slaying". Kai's usually have dark brown and greenish eyes. If you ever meet a Kai be thankful because they are amazing.
1: look at him he's really cool
2: he seems like a Kai

1: well he slays then
by Hhhhyww.u June 07, 2016
A horrible pregnant cat that persistently steals your meat.
I want Kais to pee on a stick
by Kisumu2014 June 25, 2014
He thinks he is a gangster but actually he is a gay,dumb,ugly fagget that buys a finger bun every day.
yaour such a fucking kai
by jvjvjhbhbkhbh May 29, 2016
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