A lovely boy that is just to die for! Has a great fun personality with the cutest smile. A lot of girls are after Kai because he is a popular, good looking lad, also known to normally have a sibling that is also very good looking as well.

Also quite a loud boy and normally talks to a lot of girls some people know him as a player...
by EmmaDemend77 January 05, 2012
(German) A man who is strong and mighty and was also known as the German prison keepers in WW2.
(slang) Known as pot or weed
Give me some Kai, Nigga!
The Kai killed many Jews in WW2.
by Halobi October 21, 2009
1) Chinese for a type of broccoli.

2) The act of hating freshmen.

3) The ability to be in many places at once.

4) Victim of stalking.
1) "Do you want some more Kai?"
"No thanks."

2) "Why does he hate me so much?"
"You're a freshman."
"He's a Kai-er."

3) "Didn't we just see that guy like 5 min ago?"
"Yeah...he must have Kai."

4) "Help me."
"What's wrong?"
"I'm a Kai."
by LiveXAndXLearnX3 September 20, 2009
short name for karen or kikai in the philippines
kai is the hottest chick i've ever seen damn!
by mama_so_hot May 07, 2007
This is short for kaido.
Kai is so full o fherself.
by Tarran April 03, 2005
Cantonese for crazy, stupid, bitchy, out-of-her-mind, weird, etc.
so it is -extremely- weird when
we hear Brits say, 'That guy looks kai and hot!' ~kai hear meaning muscular and strongly built
we hear Hawaiins say, 'It's hot, let's have a swim at the kai'
~kai is a noun here, meaning the sea
it is usually used to describe females. if you want to say 'that guy is crazy', say 'deen lo' ~meaning crazy guy
You're so kai! ~cantonese: Lei kai gar!
Fuck off, kai por! ~por means old lady, 'kai por' means stupid/crazy bitch. cantonese: kai por, sei hoi! ~sei hoi: drop dead/fuck off
by iverbballer September 16, 2007
Better way of sayin k which means ok. Mainly used when chatting with someone online
Sebastian: Hey, remember to bring advisory snack tomorow

Daniel: kai...
by Dfolse January 28, 2010
The Greek word for "AND".
Stacy kai I are really bored right now.
by Kye October 18, 2004

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