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A word which means king.
"King Kai" from Dragon Ball Z, GT. "East Kai" "Grand Kai"

That man is kai around here.
by George Texon November 10, 2006
lingo for "okays" or basically "ok"
A: I'm hungry. Let's go grab some Inn-n-Out.
B: Kais.
by mewcubed October 12, 2008
n. (syn: Cobra)

Said to a person of a very distinctive behaviour, presenting signs of strong paranoia and agoraphobia. These symptoms are accompanied by an unfounded sense of honour and pride which makes the subject an annoyance when it comes to understanding him/her.

The synonym "Cobra" is in fact not a synonym in itself but rather a name given to a certain villain group in a certain "Karate" film.

"Cobra Kai never dies".

If you encounter a subject presenting the above symptoms, call the person "cobra" and he/she will reply with unarticulated grunt, similar to sex noise, in order to express his/her appreciation.
"Cobra Kai never dies"

"Stop doing your Kai"

"Oui" - French and Japanese accents all mixed
by kuiksilver February 06, 2010
(Real name: Jongin) A boy from a kpop group called EXO with an extremely cute smile and the ability to dance like a god. He is as cute as a puppy and strangely has an attachment to dogs. He also looks like Taemin from SHINee (ship name: TaeKai). He is also often shipped with D.O/Kyungsoo of the same group (EXO-K - ship name: Kaisoo) He is the god of uncontrollable feels. One is not sexy, one is Kai.
"I just saw Kai dance to Growl and I can't even English right now."

"I just read 10080 and Kai omfg feels."
by WhatIsAirOmfg January 22, 2014

1. female human.

2. better than you.
"Sorry man, a Kai is too good for you."
by Haschen February 04, 2010
One of EXO's member, a beautiful korean band, and his real name is Jongin. An amazing dancer really, a wonderful body and he's the most beautiful boy in the world.
Oh my Kai

Means "Wow this boy is so handsome !"
by Hyna Lee January 20, 2014
/kɑɪ/ (n) A term used in south india, derived from many south indian languages' word for 'hand' and incorporated into colloquial English use, that is used to describe ongoing sexual relations between a guy and a girl. It could be argued that the actual nature of the usage is in a grammatically incorrect form, but it is a word never used in writing, and, on average, the population gives somewhere around 0 fucks whether or not it's grammatically proper.
"Look at those two; Danny must be putting kai for that chick!"

"I put kai for her a long time ago."

"…so then he started putting kai for her in the back of my car!"
by Maaadddyy January 24, 2014