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The comparing of two objects, set side by side to be examined.
" the two pictures are to be juxtaposed, to find differences"

"listen to Tool's 'Schism', juxtaposed is used"
by Matt Self June 10, 2005
A word meaning to place objects next to one another to create contrast. It has widely been used in the art world, and, unfortunately, has been picked up by art students. This means that if there is any contrast in any given student piece, you are bound to hear this word when critique time comes around.
Student A: The artist is creating a vivid dialogue through the use of the miniscule color-blocked area of the painting juxtaposes the gargantuan, overpowering, almost didactic imagery encompassing it.

Student B: You're just trying to use big words at this point, aren't you?
by TeegTeegs February 13, 2013
crazy word that a drunk swiss guinacologist came up with to he could have bragging rights over his fellow professional soda sharers.
fo shizzle
by Frequent Flyer Myles April 21, 2004

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