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One who places contrasting objects side by side.

One who stands amid a vividly contrasting scene or environment and attempts to utilize the chamelion effect.
A burly American walking through Vietnam wearing a bamboo hat.

A dog hiding a stuffed animal by putting it under a shoe.

The juxtaposer walked into a saloon wearing bright yellow rubber boots and an orange fedora.
by Surfingdanet July 25, 2011
someone who is legit when one-on-one, but isn't true to their ideals when around other people to try to impress them
Guy 1: Yeah, we hung out one day, and I got to know him really well. He seemed pretty cool, but...

Guy 2: But what?

Guy 1: We went to a party and he was trying to act like a badass to all the douchebags. It was embarrassing...

Guy 2: Sounds like a real juxtaposer.
by o0klutz September 13, 2011