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Juta is the Italian & Portuguese name for Jute, a coarse vegetable or bast fiber traditionally used to make Burlap or Hessian and Gunny Bags. The major species of Jute are Corchorus capsularis and Corchorus olitorius.

Names of Jute in other languages:
1. Chinese, Japanese, Korean = Huangma (Yellow Hemp)
2. Other Italian = Iuta or Corcoro
3. Spanish = Yute
3. Russian & Allied Languages = Dzhut
4. Arabic & Allied Languages = Lif Khysha (Burlap Fiber)
5. German = Jutefaser
6. French = Chanvre du Bengale (Bengal Hemp)
Italian> Sacchi Juta = Jute Sacks
Portuguese> Sacos do Juta = Jute Sacks
#jute #burlap #gunny #hessian #bengal hemp
by Asif Anwar July 11, 2006
a shoe, or a item which to throw
im going to throw a juta at u
#shoe #chapal #flip fop #slipper #item
by Ayesha shahzad May 27, 2006
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