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A Legend. Fantastic Guy
Hey Florian, what's Up?
Cooooooooooooooool dude.
by Association of Legends June 11, 2005
Florian is a generally great guy. He is one that will never be a player and he will do anything to get what he wants. He usually has a really hot accent and loves being around people. Girls fall for him everyday, but he has his eyes on only one at a time, and if your that girl consider yourself lucky because he will give everything to you.
Your boyfriend is such a Florian.
by Hey12344321 February 20, 2010
Florian is a guy who has the biggest damn dick in the whole universe. He has a damn good body and his smile makes every girl wet af.
Damn girl this Florian guy, i think I'm pregs.
by honeymamoney December 10, 2014
Bit weird, can be used as a noun, adverb or adjective. Doing something in a weird manner, being weird or something which is weird.
'That person plays football like a florian'
'Oi geezer, have you seen that new kid who looks like a florian'
by K_O September 25, 2013
a pretentious and immature middle-class hipster who gives away stds and unwanted pregnancies and then runs away to one of his properties abroad.
"Look at that guy, always showing off his money and trying to be a playa with the ladies"
"Nevermind, feel sorry for those who fall for him. He's just a florian and they will get infected and dumped"
by wobobcqge63 May 10, 2012
German wanker who believes he is the best in everything he does but doesn't realise we kicked his arse in the war.
by MasterOfSket April 05, 2010
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