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A man who is envied by every young male in the world. He is the best dancer in our day and time, and is the most GORGEOUS guy to ever step foot on earth. Everyone is simply jealous of Justin Timberlake and obviously call him a "wigger" and "wannabe" only cause they CANT and will NEVER be him.
"Justin is sucha wigger. I'm so jealous he gets all the girls and EVERYONE loves him. I wish I could be Justin Timberlake."
by oisdjfasdkf July 18, 2008
The most amazing man in the Universe who is hated on by a bunch of queer ass pussies who can get blow jobs. He is the most talented person in the world. He pretty much plays every musical insrument. He also dances and acts. And not to forget is the best singer in the world!!!!!! He is a motherfucking SAINT!

All praise Justin Almighty!
(What Would Justin Do?)
Justin = Jesus

person 1: Hey have you ever heard of Jesus?

person 2: No but I have heard of Justin Timberlake.
by JT LOVER May 03, 2008
A talented musician, who started his career around 11 years old joining the Mickey Mouse Club along Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc.

Later on, moved to becoming a part of one of the most successfull boy bands in history, `NSYNC.

Justin Timberlake is now a solo artist, who has been awarded and nominated numerous times for his musical talent.

He is one of the sexxiest men alive today,

All the boys who are jealous of JT need to get a reality check!
Just because he can sing, dance, and is sexxxy! doesnt make him "gay" youu'ree gay!
Girl : Hey, have you heard the new Justin Timberlake song? it's soo good!

Guy : WTF! i hate jt, that guys a faggit! that song my love is gay, i cant believe you listen to that shit!

Girl : first of all, jt is a fucking god, he's a talented musician, dancer, and is one of the hottest men alive, on top of that he gives donations to charities and all around is a good guy! you're the gay one douche, never talk to me again.

Guy : ... FACK
by kaylee13 October 10, 2007
One of the most talented artists in music.
One man who most people tend to hate on because of his voice, and usually nothing else.
He has been called a faggot and a wigger, even though he's banging Jessica Biel (and as proof, there are pictures of him and her kissing in a diner), Has dated Britney Spears and Scarlett Johanssen, has his own style, dosen't do rap music (which is usually done by black men and ((of course,)) Eminem), dosen't breakdance, and don't wear bling or 'ice'.

Most people who hate on him are White guys who are the ACTUAL wiggers, all they do is listen to rap all day and try to become rappers by recording themselves and selling their "demo tapes", which no one will buy because the person on the cover is a white guy.

Plus, if you think he's trying to be black by collaborating with black men, it's most likely because the popular people in music today are mostly black, the popular white people are usually rock artists and Justin Timberlake.

You may just say I'm another guy defending him since i like his music, and you are correct, i used to think the same of him until i actually HEARD one of his songs on the radio, "My Love" which features rapper T.I.

Maybe one day you'll stop wasting time by dissing him and do something productive, maybe actually LISTENING to his songs other than judging him on how your friends judge him, maybe they heard him and decided "hey, i dont like him because this song is stupid", or something like that. It makes fans mad when you diss their idol, and I'm sure you get mad when people diss yours, why not, before you leave a comment on here that will make people mad, look on this website for the defenitions on YOUR favorite singer or person in showbisness and see how you feel after reading the negative defenitions about them, and you'll know exactly how we feel.
Guy 1: "Goddamnit, Fucking Justin Timberlake is on"
Guy 2: "What's wrong with Justin Timberlake?"
Guy 1: "He's a Fag"
Guy 2: "How is he a fag?"
Guy 1: "I don't know, he just is"
by Ric Rian August 13, 2007
A well talented singer formally of N'Sync. After going solo, his debut album Justified peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 and eventually went 3x platinum. His follow up album FutureSex/LoveSounds would spawn three #1 hits on the Hot Billboard 100.
Guy1: Hey did you see Justin Timberlake perform at the Grammys with T.I.?

Guy2: Yeah, they were amazing.
by TwistaPhate April 05, 2009
A hot famous guy who can sing, dance & act, what more could you want?!
That Justin Timberlake is hot, dude
by 1405Jess July 08, 2007
To succeed, to do what you aim for, and make everyone look at you hating. To prove everyone wrong with success.
Came from the success of Justin Timberlake and his achievements to date. Success in band *NSYNC, (made by Chris Kirkpatrick)Career, Life and Money
'Oh my goodness...i've done a JT!!'
by Evey May 19, 2004