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a very talented singer/dancer/actor. Everyone likes to hate on him and call him a "wigger."
People who hate on JT are usually
-uncoordinated retards who cannot dance, sing or perform any other task harder than breathing and attacking everyone
-"macho" men who are insecure, pretend to hate him, but will still shove their fat boner into some girl at the club when "SexyBack" comes on
-emo idiots who rebel against anything "mainstream", slit their wrists at night while sacrificing goats at their My Chemical Romance altar

He is extrememly talented. Stop trying to appear "cool" by hating him. He has millions, a clothing line, and could get more pussy than all of you retarded pricks combined. You all know that if you could be him for a day, you would. so take your head of your ass. peace out.

Me: Why? Because he can dance, sing, act, does not lip sync, writes his own songs, has millions, a mansion, a sexy girlfriend, donates to charity, is an all-around decent human being, and could kick your ass?

by Rae Rae October 08, 2006
An example for what a few blowjobs to a music exec will get you.
Wanna get ahead in the music biz? Pull a Justin Timberlake and give everyone a blowjob!
by ImTheKingOfMyWorld August 20, 2004
the poster child of the word "white black man"
Justin Timberlake thinks he's sooo black.
by Mr. Owl knows how many licks June 16, 2010
a very very very big stupid faggot that every1 hates so much
i hate that stupid justin timberlake fag
by some ugly white cracker May 29, 2005
A weasel in human form attempting to take over the world with his mind numbingly crap songs
(MUA HA HA HA!!!!!)
Justin "senorita I am crazy for youuuuuu-oooooo-uuuuuuu"
Me "shut it weasel boy"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
A "singer" who acts black whose voice sounds like a popped helium balloon whizzing around the room!
Justin Timberlake: Ima try ta beatbox now...

Guy (with bleeding ears): Hell just shaddap mannn...
by yoursweetenemy December 19, 2007
(n) - wigger who is loved by eight year old girls and other wiggers
Fucking a few celebrities (guys and girls) has made this white boy a Justin timberlake.
by darron May 02, 2005