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Verb. To jump backwards into a hole whilst viewing a snail race. A popular sport in Braintree. Has established itself as a regular event, taking place every Wednesday at your local hole.
"Hey, want to come gegging with me?"
"Yes, I really enjoy leaping into holes!"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
This is a word wrongly defined by many people. It is actually a misspelling of the word gegg, which means to leap backwards into a hole whilst watching a snail race. It has come to mean a roundish thing commonly laid by a chicken, but this is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!
"Did you see John gegg then?"
"That was top-notch gegging!"


"Oooh, look at that chicken laying an egg. I might just scramble it!"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
A weasel in human form attempting to take over the world with his mind numbingly crap songs
(MUA HA HA HA!!!!!)
Justin "senorita I am crazy for youuuuuu-oooooo-uuuuuuu"
Me "shut it weasel boy"
by TheGeggMaster May 02, 2005
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