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4 definitions by azim

White version of Usher
Justin Timberlake was asked if he is trying to compete with Usher if he can dance better.
by azim March 12, 2005
1631 672
Three words that can ruin man's ego.
Honey, Is IT IN ?
If a girl woman ask you that during the sexual intercourse, how would you feel ?
by azim January 08, 2005
49 14
a very usefull tool that compares search results from 3 major search engines in one window side by side.
man, i searched for "fuck" on and results differ in Yahoo and Google
by azim November 15, 2005
20 11
Another phrase for basic sex used to reinforce girl's faulty belief that it is more than just a need
Girl - "We just made love ..."
Guy - "We just did it!"
by azim December 30, 2004
40 159