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Stuff that you keep lying around forever, and then throw away 2 days before you need it.
by Noyb May 10, 2003
A device for finding furniture in the dark.
by Noyb May 10, 2003
Thoughts that are of extreme sexual nature.
I cannot believe how long we f*cked last night, that was amazing, you make me feel soo drrty!
by noyb November 09, 2003
A slutty girl
Christina Aguilera is a slut
by NOYB June 02, 2003
An ugly ugly man who pretends he can get ass. A loser.
by NOYB June 02, 2003
A guy in their late teens or early twenties who manipulates early teenage girls into sex.
That sleeze is a squeezer!
by NOYB December 01, 2004

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