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The term used when men perform the scissor sex position. Labelled junking because the men's junk hit each other during the act.
"Hey grant wanna get a drink tonight?"

"Hey, sorry man I can't me and JP have already planned a junking sesh"
by Chicks99 June 30, 2013
The art of searching or shopping for bargains, anitques, collectibles, or any concievable kind of dust collector or garbage.

Best places to look are at yard sales, chinese auctions, flea markets, swap meets, thrift shops, stores, or curbside.
They're is out junking again at the local swap meet.
by Panthera Atrox January 25, 2011
A type of dance, characterised by jerky hip swaying, arms up, sometimes with both hands clasped together, moving to and fro in time with the music. Popular in the early hours of the morning, at parties.
Man, lets go Junk. Or, whey I was junking pro last night.
by Gorenroll June 27, 2006
(Verb) The act of sitting or placing genitals on inanimate objects. Gender non-specific.
"I placed a towel on the hotel room desk chair for fear of junking on the chair where 8,000 ball sacks had laid before."
by Bass-ket July 03, 2013
When cool sites like urban dictionary move from plain text email which works for everyone to html email which gets blocked by spam filters and starts dumping to junk mail folders.
"damn, urban dictionary went to html email and now it's junking - oh well, it was cool while it lasted."
by partee August 14, 2005
Putting your dick and testicles in a woman's vagina simultaneously.
I just got done junking my girlfriend.
by Brushfire8345 March 23, 2009
To get high off something you usually woulden't expect to get high from
"Hey benny, have you been junking with pixie sticks again"

"Yo that boy is junking!"
by Ryoko Katsuya August 10, 2005
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