the time it takes for you to smell a fart after it expels from your anus
matt said his jump was only 2 seconds and mark said his was so fast it didnt even exist
by MCA72590 January 29, 2007
Slutty Hoodrat whore that usually has some kind of std or is just plain nasty, term is most of used by black males.
yo dat girl keisha is a jump, i heard she fucked 3 different guys in one night then fuckd 2 diffrent guys tha next and now is callin me up to fuck today.
A musical genre, electronical.
140 bpm, live played at 150 bpm.

Famous jump-dj's: Coone, Chicago Zone, Jenny D Light
Jump is also used for the dance-moves that go with jump.
Jumping is not a crime.
by Dude1337 September 01, 2006
song off Van Halen's 1984 album
I really like Eddie's guitar solo in "Jump"
by Jeff Dahmer June 24, 2004
A descriptive term, not widely used except by doughhead hipsters and dipshits on Facebook, to describe someone who is wired and/or jittery on too much caffeine, sugar, or perhaps both.
Quote: "Maybe I shouldn't have chugged that 64 oz. of high-sugar black tea. *twitch* *twitch*

"You're so funny when you're jump."
by Darkbackward April 30, 2012
can be used to describe something or someone that is dangerously good, ill, hott, bangin, off the chain, etc.
1.)Dag yo, Emmaleigh is one jump playa, fo real.

2.)That nuckka is jump as hell.
by gangmasta ice July 07, 2004
If you're gonna play b-ball, you're gonna need new jumps.
by squipple November 09, 2002

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