when a group of people attacks one or more people for usually no reason
Damn, I got jumped by the bloods yesterday cause i walked down 37th wearin my navy blue hoodie
by Adept April 01, 2005
A song that was composed by Van Halen to promote suicide.
Do us all a favor, go (jump) of a bridge.
by Mynor Castro May 31, 2016
Having or displaying superlative ability in endeavor, such as sports. Surpassing others who may compete.
Q. "You see that Conner handling the puck on the ice?"

A. "Hell yeah. That boy got jump!


"She gonna give em a run for their money. She got jump!"
by yakrider January 16, 2010
the time it takes for you to smell a fart after it expels from your anus
matt said his jump was only 2 seconds and mark said his was so fast it didnt even exist
by MCA72590 January 29, 2007
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