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a surprised attack by a large group of peeps apone a smaller groups of peeps
Homie see thoses fags over there? the short one fucked my gurl, lets jump those bitches
by Cricket October 27, 2003
To beat somebody up
Hey man lets jump this kid
by NUKKA 4 LIFE April 25, 2003
To be released from jail or prison.
You better have a cold beer waiting for me when I jump!
by Silver925 October 19, 2010
The scare some people get when watching certain horror movies, which as sometimes referred to as "jump gore"; a movie just into the scares without the substance.

Also can be a friend who hates horror movies who you conned into watching one with you.
"Man, how was that horror movie this weekend?"
"It sucked...total jump gore. I was as bored as hell."

by Fala October 16, 2006
To light a cigarette by using someone eles's lit cigarette.
Dude, can I get a jump?
by PickPink January 19, 2013
Having or displaying superlative ability in endeavor, such as sports. Surpassing others who may compete.
Q. "You see that Conner handling the puck on the ice?"

A. "Hell yeah. That boy got jump!


"She gonna give em a run for their money. She got jump!"
by yakrider January 16, 2010
the time it takes for you to smell a fart after it expels from your anus
matt said his jump was only 2 seconds and mark said his was so fast it didnt even exist
by MCA72590 January 29, 2007