1. (verb) Dance, specifically swing dance
2. (noun) a Dance, specifically a swing dance
1. "I'm gonna jump with my baby, no I don't mean maybe tonight" - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
2. "We're heading out to the jump."
The divine and heroic act of gathering a group of able bodied males to launch a pre-meditated beating on an individual.
Someone turned a friend and I in for burglary so we took turns smashing his head in with thirty pound sledgehammers while he was handcuffed to his own steering wheel. JUMPED!
by Ken Popov December 12, 2007
Alcoholic beverage brewed in prisons

maybe known as jump steady or hooch.
Yo Nuck-Nuck, pass me that jump.

by Terpfan August 16, 2006
A skill used in Dungeons and Dragons to jump from one platform to the next
You have to jump this 20ft pit to move on
by Gallagher April 28, 2006
a girl thats likes to have sex or give head
yo that bitch kim is a jump holla at her if u want your meat sucked
by me March 02, 2004
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