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A pretty epic song by Van Halen.
Go ahead and jump!
by Mr. Hamster Man December 02, 2009
1. to fight(often applied to street gangs, especially denoting a surprise attack)

2. to attack or assault

3. to copulate with
They tried to jump those punks over there.
by The Return of Light Joker February 19, 2008
What the daddy mac will make you do.
wigida wigida wigida what! Jump! Jump
by ThisIsDCG November 09, 2011
When one fliches after someone throws a fake hit or punch their way.
OH dat nigga jumped, now he bout to get he ass beat fo real.
by Steagles February 12, 2006
To Change location; move on
Can't talk now, gotta jump.
by Mytraxx September 12, 2005
when a group of people attacks one or more people for usually no reason
Damn, I got jumped by the bloods yesterday cause i walked down 37th wearin my navy blue hoodie
by Adept April 01, 2005
To begin using.
Jump on those turntables and rip it up!
by dR December 27, 2003