Physically Straining activity, causing you to fly for a very limited amount of time.
May cause heavy breathing and in extreme cases(when doing it twice)exhaustion
go jump in a river
by Schteen May 21, 2003
A hoe, whore, or slut. Somebody who "jumps" from dick to dick
Dude, shes hot. No, forget about her, shes a jump.
by stevekelting May 03, 2006
To beat up someone
let's go jump him.
by Ni2k August 12, 2010
beggining, get-go
I told you from the jump.
by chola_47 November 14, 2003
to have sex with, either pre or posthumously
man i'd like to jump those bones
by krickle kutz October 07, 2003
A pretty epic song by Van Halen.
Go ahead and jump!
by Mr. Hamster Man December 02, 2009
Jumps Are Females Between The Ages of 17 To 24 Who Love Drinking,Partying,Smoking ,And Jump Guy To Guy
" Holy Shit! The Jumps! Look They're Right There On The Corner"
by Joe Roman January 13, 2009

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